Stand up Paddle

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tnt-supEnjoy the beach in a different way, see the ocean from a new perspective, alongside friends and family, whether you are a child or an elderly, everyone can practice the sport, and in the Surf Rio Stand up Paddle Point you will paddle to have fun and to exercise with safety and comfort.

This is Stand up Paddle, the fastest growing modality in the world.

 Where to find the Surf Rio Stand up Paddle Point

  Our Stand up Paddle Point is located in Copacabana posto 6, Avenida Atlântica in front of the number 4146 next to Rua Joaquim Nabuco. Copacabana is considered the birthplace of the sport in Rio de Janeiro, since it is a sheltered beach with few waves and currents, and with an enchanting view.

We work every day from 8:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M., you can also schedule by phone or WhatsApp (we do not schedule by email).

 Who we are

sup-cp-srWe are specialized in rental boards and doing leisure activities related to SUP and SUP Trips. Our team consists of experienced and qualified instructors, certified by APROSUP (Stand up Paddle Association of Rio de Janeiro) and by SOBRASA (Brazilian Society of Aquatic Rescue).


Rent with instruction R$70.00 - 1 hour

Private R$150.00 - 1 hour

We offer courtesy photos (depending on sea conditions)

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