Surf Lesson

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Contact with nature, surf-lesfriendships, amazing trips, good health, and more.

Come learn to surf and soak up this lifestyle that attracts and makes more people fall in love with everyday.

Where are the lessons

In the Surf Rio school, lessons are held at Arpoador every day in the morning. It can be for a single student (private) or for more people at once (group). We ask that you schedule a lesson at least one day before by phone or WhatsApp. (We do not schedule lessons by email)

How are the lessons

The lesson includes all necessary equipment (board and shirt), we only ask you to bring a bermuda or shorts to enter the sea.

We work with a wide variety of boards and with experienced and certified instructors.

During the lesson we teach safety techniques, the correct posture, paddling and balance,

Enlight65as well as notions of what influences the waves, such as currents, wind and tides.


Private R$ 160.00 per lesson with one hour duration.

Group R$ 100.00 per person, with one hour duration (from 2 people, with a maximum of 4 students per teacher)

Closed group R$ 120.00 per person, with one hour duration (for those who wish to schedule a lesson just for your group).

Package with 5 group lessons R$ 400.00.

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